September/October Writing Competition – Fourth Place

Of Seahorses and Suitcases Written by Neale Bairstow Ben’s wife Janet was something of a biological contradiction. She was immensely fertile, yet babies just kept dropping out of her unfinished. Her fecundity had become rather embarrassing. The couple had a number of friends who declared themselves to be perennially “trying” without success, yet for Ben … [Read more…]

September/October Writing Competition – Third Place

An Unexplained Death Written by Lesley Middleton Antony Harcourt’s eyes were closed, a peaceful expression on his face as though he was enjoying a pleasant dream. “He’s dead, I’m afraid, Mrs Harcourt.” The doctor shook his head. Gaynor Harcourt nodded in acknowledgement. “I had hoped Doctor Lee might come. No offence, but he’s our regular … [Read more…]

September/October Writing Competition – Fifth Place

The Macabre Dance of Ypres Written by Daniel Culyer February 9th 1915, Harrogate, England _________________________________________________________________________ Jubilant at first, men flock like sheep to the recruiting offices, surging forward in their masses; boys of eighteen and nineteen, ardent to do their country proud, bursting with patriotic fervour. Green uniforms worn with pride; black boots shining; and … [Read more…]